What is AWARD? Why AWARD? Meet the AWARD Fellows
Wilhemina_Quaye_and_Elizabeth_Bandason Mahanzule_Rosalina_and_Chamba_Esperanca_Rosita damaris_odeney_first_ladies_summit first-ladies-summit Delphina_Peter_Mamiro_training_women_on_mushroom_production

AWARD Fellow Wilhemina Quaye (right) with AWARD Mentor and former Fellow, Elizabeth Bandason, recently attended the Next Generation Farming Systems Models planning project meeting at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, U.S.A.

A record number of applications were received for the 2015 AWARD Fellowships, including 29 submissions from Mozambicans—more than double their previous record of 14. Above: Rosalina Mahanzule, a 2014 AWARD Fellowship winner and Research Assistant at the Institute of Agricultural Research of Mozambique (IIAM) and her AWARD Mentor, Esperança Rosita Chamba, Researcher and Head of Cooperation, IIAM.

AWARD Fellow Damaris Odeney (center), a researcher with ICRISAT, spoke on a panel on “Public Private Partnerships: Fostering Women’s Economic Participation and Promoting Healthy Lives Through Technology and Training” as a part of the recent First Ladies’ Summit hosted by Michelle Obama and Laura Bush.

Michelle Obama (left) and Laura Bush (center), shown here with moderator Cokie Roberts, recently held a First Ladies Summit during the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington. AWARD Fellow Damaris Odeny participated in a panel discussion on stage before the two first ladies spoke. Read more

“Mushrooms have no cholesterol and are full of nutrients and vitamins,” says AWARD Fellow Delphina Peter Mamiro (centre), shown here training local farmers in mushroom production.  “In just 28 days, women can have a crop of oyster mushrooms from which they can make a popular relish.” Read more