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2014 AWARD Fellowship Laureates

70 outstanding African women agricultural scientists from 11 African countries have won a 2014 AWARD Fellowship.

AWARD Fellowship Cultivates a New Generation of Leaders in Agricultural Research and Development

Africa’s current leadership in agriculture and development is small in number, mostly male, and on the verge of retirement, with few experienced professionals equipped to succeed them. Cultivating a new generation of African leaders in food and agriculture, including technically competent, influential women, is strategically important. AWARD is doing just that.

Ironically, the majority of those who produce, process and market Africa’s food are women, but only one in four agricultural researchers is female, according to a 2008 benchmarking study conducted by AWARD. Even fewer—one in seven—hold leadership positions in African agricultural research institutions.

However, many qualified women scientists want to fill those roles and are eager for the research and leadership training that AWARD offers. In response to the fifth annual call for applications, 1,094 qualified women researchers from 11 African countries competed for 70 prestigious AWARD fellowships. The winners will be announced on February 21 in Nairobi; 25 winners from six countries will be available for interviews during the event. National and international agricultural experts on the importance of women in agriculture will also speak, including:


  • Vicki Wilde, Director, AWARD
  • Dr. Segenet Kelemu, Vice-President for Programs, AGRA
  • Dr. Rhoda Mofya-Mukuka, AWARD Alumnae Member
  • Research Fellow, Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute, Zambia
  • Mistress of Ceremonies: Dr. Lusike Wasilwa, Assistant Director, Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute

WHEN: Thursday February 21, 2013, 10:00-11:30 a.m.

WHERE: Pavilion Room, Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi

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