2015 AWARD Fellows Why AWARD? What is AWARD?
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Watch an animated version of our latest publication, Empowering African Women Scientists.

“Agriculture is now assuming its rightful place of securing food for Africa’s teeming population because now, Africa is gaining ground to feed herself….” Petra Bola Saghir, AWARD Fellow.

“Indeed women’s voices are a useful resource in developing technologies as they result in less biased technologies for agricultural use.” Maggie Phiri, AWARD Fellow

“Through the gendered approach to agriculture projects gained from my time at AWARD, I am able to see my projects in a whole new light. This keeps me motivated in trying to find solutions that benefit men, women and youth…” Grace Muinga, AWARD Fellow.

“Women struggling to put food on the table for the whole family is a great source of inspiration to me,” Filomina Dos Anjos AWARD Fellow

“Getting into agricultural research was my destiny. And it is a destiny that I don’t regret.” Pamela Paparu AWARD Fellow

“As a result of my work I have seen the  income levels of women increase and this has made it easier for them to pay their children’s school fees.”   Mphatso Chapotera AWARD Fellow.

AWARD Fellow Mary Njenga, a post-doctoral fellow researching bioenergy at the World Agroforestry Centre, is developing briquette technology as an inexpensive and environmentally friendly source of fuel.